Latest Saree Fashion – Tips and Tricks

September 25, 2017


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Light Aqua Faux Georgette and Faux Shimmer Chiffon Saree

Sarees are one of the most elegant, fashionable garments from India. Notwithstanding their ancient origins, over the years, they have been constantly adapted into contemporary styles and designs. Even today, high profile designers continue to explore the possibilities of this garment in new, exciting ways. In fact, contemporary saree fashion is just as distinctive as the traditional variety and as such, it has its own set of rules about what is appropriate and what is trendy. It is not just about wearing the prettiest sarees in trends; choosing the right type for your body and styling it with appropriate jewelry and accessories is equally important. Here are some handy tricks and tips to help you nail the modern party wear sarees look:

  1. Lighter fabrics and designs
    One of the best ways to look modern in a sari is to opt for lighter fabrics with little to no embroidery or embellishment work. This type of look is especially appropriate for daily wear or for a casual occasion. However, certain types of plain party wear sarees can also cater to special occasions. With such garments, the elegance of the fabric is the main appeal. Chiffon, georgette, crepe and woven silks are popular choices, as they drape the body beautifully and create a wonderful fall for the sari.
  2. Designer varieties
    When it comes to striking the right balance between formal, modern and traditional, a designer sarees’ collection is the best bet. The garments seen in this type of collection would be appropriately rich and opulent, but with an innovative, modern twist that would infuse the contemporary element. For instance, lehenga sarees are an amalgamation of the sari and the lehenga, and look very glamorous. On the other hand, Net sarees are extremely sensual. Both of these are designer inventions, which are mostly seen on ramps and red carpets.
  3. Bold use of color
    Indian fashion traditionally uses a lot of bright and beautiful colors. Hence, the term ‘bold’, when applied to color in India, does not carry the same Western connotation. Here, the use of duller shades such as whites, creams and beiges are considered bold as these are traditionally regarded inauspicious, and are hence unconventional choices. At the same time, designers are beginning to discover the beauty of color blocking in Indian fashion. Dual tone or half-half sarees are a great example of this. They create an appealing visual contrast without any heavy embellishments and embroidery.
  4. Modern jewelry
    The type of jewelry chosen can make all the difference. When it comes to modern saree fashion, minimalistic modern jewelry is the best choice. Simple pearl necklaces, elegant silver sets and one or two carved bangles are the way to go. With heavy or glamorous party wear sarees, one striking piece of heavy jewelry can just be the perfect apparel. A pair of Polki earrings, a pearl nath (nose-ring) or a set of Kundan bangles could just be it.
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